Marie is an educated newcomer, who is looking forward to being introduced to the world of pleasure by considerate gentlemen. She fled small-town life to live out her love of freedom in Berlin. The tall escort lady is young and likes to party, but she also possesses another side. She is into art, especially painting from the Renaissance to Impressionism, and literature. The favourite book of the business informatics student is "Faust". The bisexual Marie is on occasion dominant but can be submissive too. With her girlish, dreamy nature, she longs to slip into different roles, sometimes cuddly and playful, at other times rebellious and flirtatious, with a sole aim: to explore the different facets of eroticism…

AGEEarly 20's NATIONALITYgerman WEIGHT73 kg HEIGHT176 cm CUP80 A LANGUAGESde / eng PROFESSIONstudent