Daphne is a nymph in Greek mythology. The name stands for pure femininity and sensual charm. They even made the gods turn their head. Since our escorts are also blessed with those properties, besides being innocent and virginal, the name is self-describing for our escort agency which is based in Berlin.

Girlfriend Experience in Berlin

Our girlfriends make our clients forget that they paid for their friendly services. A Daphne’s escort is a young woman who is a natural, youthful lover for her date – like a girlfriend but on time. She knows the fantasies of her regular clients better than themselves. She is a sympathetic and attentive listener, able to initiate feelings of closeness and trust. With love and affection, she transforms every meeting into an unforgettable sensory experience – the Girlfriend Experience!

The Girlfriend Experience represents the bourgeois part of the wellness industry, both on the side of the client and provider. Our escorts have little in common with the typical Berlin escorts. Our agency focuses on women who are not only motivated by pecuniary reasons but are also guided by the interpersonal experiences one encounters during the job.

Daphne’s agency policy

A special feature of our agency is our strict selection, both with regards to the escorts as to the clientele. We place great emphasis on long-term customer relationships and are prices are transparent, meaning there are no hidden costs. Mutual trust, respect and absolute discretion is the basis of our success. The confidentiality clause all our girls have to sign when joining, guarantees the necessary anonymity.

Another feature of our company philosophy is “less is more”. The escorts are all students or pursue a regular job. We always select them very carefully and only give attractive and classy escorts a chance to join us. Finally, we would like to emphasize that all photos on our website are genuine. That is something you can rely on!