Born and bred in the capital, Marieke is taking her first steps as an escort at our agency, and with her refined courtesy and impeccable manners, she definitely stands out from the crowd. If one were to describe her, words such as beauty, intelligence, and femininity would certainly not be out of place; her perfect legs will turn your head, and she'll entice you with a seductive smile from her full lips. She embodies class and elegance, but aside from a penchant for politics, creativity runs in her blood, and she includes painting and artisanship among her numerous pursuits. She likes to keep fit with water sports and yoga, and when it comes to sexuality, she considers herself more the romantic type; perhaps that's why she prefers sensitive men. With her exquisite character, there's no doubt that Marieke will fast become another Daphne´s highlight!

AGEEarly 20's NATIONALITYgerman WEIGHT60 kg HEIGHT174 cm CUP75 B LANGUAGESde / eng PROFESSIONstudent