After an exciting decade, the time is now ripe to start a new chapter. We would like to thank everyone who crossed our path and thus made the project possible. We are looking forward to present you Daphnes 2.0 soon. Stay tuned...

If you are interested in a date with Marie though, you can send an email to in order to contact your favourite directly and discuss the fee with her personally.

Higher-priced escorts between the ages of 21 and 35 who would like to advertise free of charge with their own Sedcard, are invited to contact

Berlin is currently without doubt Europe´s most exciting and vibrant city, with contradictions aplenty for sure but also a liberal, hedonistic capital. She arouses desires and seduces - she is unchecked, subversive, creative and decadent. Get introduced to this unique atmosphere and embark on an erotic foray through Berlin in the company of your own Daphne's girlfriend. ▸ Escorts

Escort agency in Berlin

Daphne’s is based in Berlin, currently the most extraordinary capital of Europe. On the one hand, exclusive shops, excellent restaurants and great hotels. On the other hand, a lascivious place full of desire and hedonism. It´s a city that captures you and makes you curious about her. Let this unique atmosphere stimulate you and embark with Daphne´s escorts on an erotic foray through Berlin.

Our Berlin Escorts

Not only education, youth and attractiveness, but also authenticity and a strong personality are important when we select our escorts. With the myriad of agencies on offer in Berlin, it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish serious and sophisticated agencies from less recommendable ones.

With us you are certain that the carefully selected beauties understand that they are poster girls and that it is up to them to hold our reputation high. Our fees were agreed upon in order to preserve the exclusivity of our agency.


In line with our corporate philosophy, we try to meet all your needs. Therefore, our agency offers you first a professional and comprehensive advice. On our website you can have a look at the different profiles of the attractive courtesans and thus get a first impression of what our agency has on offer. The portfolios of our escorts are merely intended to serve as a guide.

In addition, you can reach us by phone or via email correspondence. The professional support you will receive through our agency staff will ensure you spend unforgettable hours.

We kindly ask you to contact us in time, because the girls have a regular civic life in Berlin and they exercise escorting only as a secondary activity.

Escort principles

Our agency policy is based on a rigorous selection both of our women and our clients. Trust and respect have to be mutual in order to form the base for durable client relationships, to which we attach great importance. Therefore, you will find a transparent pricing system, meaning you will not encounter hidden costs that can spoil your erotic adventures.

We also like to mention that the profiles are 100% authentic, so there is no need to worry about possible negative surprises. Discretion is also something that is high up on our priority list. The signing of a confidentiality agreement is a mandatory requirement to be included in our Berlin agency.

Venue in Berlin

Our greatest concern is the convenience and comfort of the escorts. Therefore we only accept bookings for 4-5 star hotels. Most ladies offer house visits in Berlin and surroundings. For further details, please contact us by mail or telephone.

VIP, high class or luxury packages anyone?

As mentioned before in the introduction, every agency now seems to market itself as VIP, high class or luxury. For budding businessmen, maybe there are opportunities now in the escort world catering to the lower- or middle classes since there seems to be a void with only the well-heeled being serviced.

But joking aside… If you value personal advice and a tailor-made service, let us know your wishes and we will try to make them come true. We will gladly take care of booking a hotel, restaurant and/or transfer. We would also be pleased to make recommendations for trendy clubs or luxury boutiques.

In order to make your life easier, we gladly offer you some booking suggestions in the form of our packages. The most popular ones are the "Ménage à trois" and "Relax and Come". Relaxation, luxury and pleasure - make the most of your time! You only live once after all…

Info for clients and future escorts: EU Data Protection Law

In light of recent news and the new law about data privacy, rest assured we take data protection seriously at Daphne's.
We appreciate the sensitive nature of the information provided and guarantee we do not share that with third parties, except possibly when booking a table or limousine with your explicit consent. Only the owners are granted access.
Our business model enables us to operate without having to cater to advertisers. We don't hide abroad but are based in Berlin, Germany. Hence, we offer our clients complete transparency.

Last but not least

Daphne's acts solely as an agent for the escorts. We pass on your inquiry and send a reply as soon as we receive feedback. The models are not employed by the agency, but work as freelancers, and are free to accept or decline a request.

Whether we deserve the title luxury or high class agency, we leave to you. What we do guarantee is knowing all our escorts well. In order to maintain this, we only accept applicants who are living in Berlin.