Cabaret, Berlin

Dear friends,
Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!
 This time not to the cabaret but to Daphne´s world.

I am telling you ladies and gentlemen, Berlin is back. Not in such a decadent mood as in her heydays in the twenties though. Today she is slowly but steadily becoming virtuous. Almost…

In order to help stave off Berlin becoming too bland and disneyfied, we created a world where gentlemen can still be men and indulge their phantasies and satiate their desires. The escorts on the other side, type pretty girl next door, look forward to interesting encounters.

We don´t like fatuous expressions like High-Class, VIP or luxurious escort, but if you have to attach a label to our core activity, we would like you to remember your trysts as “Girlfriend experiences”. It goes without saying that Daphne´s doesn´t stand for a mere Berlin escort agency but that we see ourselves as part of the relax industry and as extension of the services an upscale hotel offers. If you are blessed with a visit of our escorts to your comfortable hotel room after a hard day´s work, consider it the icing on the cake.

Girls who are able to provide the Girlfriend Experience represent the upper echelons of our industry. Not only are the providers atypical, the clients also are discerning. Our aim is to provide sensual encounters where the client forgets he paid for companionship. In order to create that vibe, our goddesses not only have to be skillful in bed but besides their erotic assets, they have to possess social and cultural capital.

It took us blood, sweat and tears to create this website to our exacting standards but I think in the end our efforts paid off. Let´s embark on a wonderful journey. Let´s erect a counter-weight to the prevailing puritanism. Raise your glass…have an erotic adventure… with a willing partner in the German capital. In one word, experience Daphne´s girlfriend experience in Berlin.

We are open for business! And since last year, the relax industry will be counted as part of Europe´s annual economic performance, or gross domestic product, due to new calculation standards. So everybody who cares for Europe and its economy is invited to splurge when contacting our agency. We hope you have fun.