Adam & Eva

“Not every woman is a prostitute, but prostitution is the natural apotheosis of the feminine attitude”

Georges Bataille

When Eva presented Adam the apple, both got expelled from the Garden of Eden and from that point onwards, men always found a way to inculpate women one way or another. We evolved from witch burning but we still have “good girls don´t…” or “when a man is assertive, it´s a sign of his masculinity but when a woman does the same, she´s a bitch”.

Prostitution has been called the oldest profession and I must admit that I admire successful prostitutes since they are able to exercise their profession where and when they feel like it, make their money without extra´s like an office, etc… Once the goddesses make a small pile, they are free to vacation as often as they like. I am not necessarily talking here about real courtesans, who have maybe three clients and are rewarded handsomely for their time. For sure, it also shouldn´t be an FKK club. It was in such a nude club that a friend of mine encountered a working girl with the tattoo “my provider” on her pubic mound. Just for the record, the Daphne´s girls only escort on the side and have less dates than people imagine. But we are digressing.  The male equivalent of that carefree life a successful call-girl has, would probably be a writer but his chances of monetary success are slimmer.

Most people view sex workers as an aberration of what a woman is and does. The percentage of women in the relax industry is indeed not high but I sincerely believe that that number would be much higher if a couple of conditions were to be met. I don´t pretend that all women are capable of turning tricks. I am pretty sure though that on a spectrum from virgin to whore, under the right circumstances more women would tend to the right than you would imagine.

I make no secret out of the fact that the man who most impressed me was Nietzsche. He believed in different human types and I also believe that some women were born to give their body to the world. That´s at least the response a friend of mine received when he asked a lady of the evening why she had chosen that particular profession. Back to Nietzsche. I am pretty sure that Freud got inspired by him when he developed his ideas about instincts. The drive to be desired and dominated is pre-eminent in women.  I will never forget that a long time ago, I was making love to my then girlfriend and when I asked her what she was thinking of, she replied that she imagined herself being a whore. I haven´t asked that question a second time.

I think that women who decide to make that decision for real aren´t easily disgusted, a bit like nurses. Secondly, they are not repressed by what society tells them to do. Finally, they are able to be intimate with someone and forget him immediately, a bit like men if you want. If those three conditions were to be met more frequently, the number of working girls would explode. Even then they would of course be to blame if men stray. How do I know? At least according to a priest in Berlin. His paramour had to confess to him after the deed since she has seduced him again…