Low life in high heels?

I think it was the painter Francis Bacon who pointed out that the high life without the low life is impossible. I don´t know exactly what he meant but since it´s no secret that he was into heavy drinking, sadomasochistic sex and liked the company of London´s bohemia, all the while flush with cash, I think I get the picture. Being a proud nihilist and feeling that life was essentially meaningless, we should all have a good time according to him.

How I define the high life? Luxury hotels, starred restaurants, fine wines and exotic destinations for sure. Envisioning the low life, idle days spent boozing from noon onwards in an insalubrious part of town spring to mind. This probably makes you wonder where sex for money falls into. Basically, all pay-sex outside of Daphne´s falls under the category low life. Without exception, this is especially the case for our competitors.

Joking aside, “low life in high heels” actually is the title of a song by the American hard-rock band Cheap Trick. Not that I am a fan of the group but it conjured up the image of a Daphne´s escort making her entrance into a fine hotel in fur and with high heels. For the record, I don´t consider being a high-priced prostitute a lowly activity but I understand why the agency will not receive the Federal Cross of Merit. No selfie with Frau Merkel for Daphne.

Personally, I also enjoy or rather enjoyed the low and high life, with nothing in between. Everything in the middle appeared to me as mediocre and dull. The high life symbolized the aristocratic way of living where aesthetics are important and only the best will do. There was more life though to its opposite, with its proletarian tastes and penchant for abundancy. All senses had to be tickled more in order to be satisfied. It was also closer to reality, with its dark abysses which are not always pleasant.

All that to let you know that soon we will have a new category in this blog, inspired by the Spectator´s “Low Life” and “High Life” column. That British magazine is the oldest continuously published magazine in the English language. Currently the “Low Life” column is penned by Jeremy Clarke. It is contrasted with its “High Life” pendant by the wealthy socialite Taki Theodoracopulos, known as “Taki.” When the latter got caught with cocaine and wanted to hand in his resignation, the editor explained publicly that the magazine expected their High Life columnist to be high some of the time…