The new prostitution law

“Abolishing prostitution means kicking away one of the pillars of the social order. It means making marriage impossible. Prostitution serves as a corrective to marriage, and without it, marriage will go under — along with the family and the whole of society. Abolishing prostitution: for European societies, that’s just suicide…

Michel Houellebecq

At Daphne´s, we don´t consider paid sex, at least in the higher strata of the profession, immoral. When I decided to start Daphne´ s with my business partner, what bothered me more was whether legalized prostitution was a sign of a decadent society and if yes, if I should contribute to the further erosion of the nation´s morals.

According to me, there is no doubt that Europe is in the grip of decadence with the possible exception of Germany. A healthy libido for me on the other hand, is a sign of vitality. Since time immemorial, powerful men have made use of concubines, mistresses and temporary lovers. Prostitution will always exist as long as people age. It´s a well-known fact that older men prefer much younger women. Who doesn´t want to relive his youth? What it boils down to it the exchange of money against juvenescence and beauty and there will always be a market for that, not only on the demand side as some feminists would like you to believe.

Aren´t men allowed to have some fun if this keeps the marriage together and doesn´t enrich the divorce lawyers. Isn´t it beneficial for the off-spring if frequenting escorts from time to time keeps the family together? Hence my verdict that paying for companionship is actually healthy for society.

So why on earth the state is trying to eradicate prostitution is beyond me. Should society really collapse? The official aim of the new prostitution legislation is the protection of the prostitutes and gender equality but I fear that it is the first step on the way to prohibit pay-sex. The world is turning more conservative and feminine at the same time. The state doesn´t like the fact that men use women for paid sex. Sure, some clients abuse the women. A larger number of prostitutes though are cold and business-like. Don´t they abuse the punters? The legislator also must be aware that there is a vast army of male prostitutes. Granted, they cater more to homosexual men than women. Finally, might female prostitution not be innate?

In prostitution, one can speak of a “class society”. On the one hand, at the high end of the scale, where Daphne´s is positioned, this can be quite lucrative and interesting. A much better alternative than a mediocre job. Those sex workers, the elite, resist the imposed protection and regulation, because they have no need for help. On the other hand, you have the disadvantaged, who generally cannot fend for themselves, and consequently need some form of protection.

To say the industry needed some regulation, is admittedly an understatement. What the government paper didn´t mention though was why Germany had become an Eldorado for prostitution. Could it be that things went downhill the moment the EU enlarged to include unprosperous eastern European neighbor countries? Large-scale migration is also a reason why prices for sex-work are falling or at least haven´t risen since years.

But we are diverging. Let´s start on a positive note with regards to the new regulations. Sex-workers will have to attend a medical consultation but no medical. For educated escorts, there will be nothing new under the sun. A godsend though for some catholic Romanian or Bulgarian street workers who believe that it suffices to use some soap to stave off std´s. Sex without condom will be punishable. This also includes fellatio although the risk for HIV is almost non-existent and one must be unlucky to catch eg. gonorrhea.

Brothel owners and escort agencies will have to get a permit. I think that it goes without saying that somebody who got sentenced for trafficking or attempted murder, doesn´t get a licence. But what about flat-rate brothels and gang-bang parties. For sure, the former are demeaning for the women working there but the lawmakers didn´t take into account women´s self-determination? Doesn´t the constitution allows for freedom of profession? Here we see what the real intent of the law is, namely to forbid the objectification of women. Sexual consent is only valid within prescribed behavioural norms sanctioned by the state. What next, your high-class escort agency resembles too much a female dog show. Down with Daphne´s, your old perv Greg!

Depending on your point of view, negative for the women is without doubt the registration. This means that they will be officially listed as prostitutes. Some women will of course go underground. If one wanted further proof that the world is turning reactionary, in Bayern women already must register and uncovered blowjobs are against the law.

In monetary terms, the government will not only raise taxes, but will also benefit trough lower unemployment rates since working girls must decide whether to claim benefits or register. That the state claims its share is fair enough. But why be hypocritical and not admit that another aim of the new prostitution law is combatting tax-evasion? It´s no secret that the German state handed over the tax details of Hungarian prostitutes to their home country. Closer to home, the state will also try to eradicate black money e.g. by forcing operators to issue an invoice at the end of each day. Also, understandable but what will be the next step? Clients who can only pay with credit cards? The abolition of cash?

We don´t mind the state becoming the master pimp. It maintains its monopoly on the use of force as a matter of fact and through the grapevine I heard that a license to operate might set you back 2.500 Euros. For sure, some of Daphne´s escorts will probably retire since they all work or study and don´t want to be registered but please dear legislator, leave it at that and don´t forbid prostitution. With the refugees’ crisis, you occupied already the high moral ground. The new prostitution law suffices. If the next step is the abolition of prostitution, Europe commits suicide…