Berlin Woman

“A country without bordellos is like a house without bathrooms.”

Marlene Dietrich

An Italian once told me that the Berlin woman smokes, drinks and cheats like the Italian man. I tend to concur. Feminism and religion might have played a role but I believe that the Berlin woman is indeed a bit less feminine in her behaviour than women in the south of Europe. It suffices to think of Marlene Dietrich, queen of androgyny. You probably knew that she was born in Berlin but did you also know that she used to box? Or how about that other Berliner Leni Riefenstahl, the first female movie director to receive international acclaim.

They certainly are less defined by their partner than women from Southern Europe. The “Berlinerinnen” also tend to be very independent and don´t need a man since they are more than capable of taking care of themselves, not only financially. I also find them much less demanding than e.g. women in London where even a five expects to be wined and dined. All the money over there really corrupted them. On the other hand, I kind of understand them. If you spend an hour dolling yourself up and spending a decent amount of money on your appearance and afterwards get invited to a mediocre restaurant followed by a couple of drinks in the pub around the corner… In Berlin on the other hand, we have “arm aber sexy” or “poor but sexy”.

Lookswise, they either wear hardly any make-up or overdo it. On the whole, I find them very attractive but they would be even more beautiful if they would take care of them as well as the French women. Then again, why should they since they don´t get chatted up on every occasion like in Paris.

What struck me immediately though was the morphology of our nowadays Valkyries. Berlin women, according to me, being tall with small breasts, are blessed with the perfect body. This is of course my subjective view.

Last but not least, how do they score in the sack? The inhabitants of the German capital are sexual liberated to say the least. The way some of them have sex can be compared to playing sports. Bed sports but exercise nonetheless. If you don´t believe me, book one of the Daphne´s escorts and see for yourself.