The high life

Last year, there appeared an article in the New York Times covering Berlin´s emerging high life. The author had as mission to spend $ 2,000 in 24 hours in Germany´s capital, known for its vibrant night-life and art scene but less for its culinary highlights. By now everyone has heard the old saw “ poor but sexy” in relation to Berlin. With that slogan the flamboyant ex-major Klaus Wowereit tried to lure creative types to the burgeoning start-up scene.

In the article, the journalist Charly Wilder correctly points out that a decade ago, it was difficult to splurge even if you tried. I remember that a couple of venues tried to go up-market but failed quickly since there was no money or interest for such kind of establishments. When I arrived in Berlin, I was living in a flat with coal-heating. Fine if my girl-friend happened to be there, otherwise I had to wait almost two hours before the flat was warm and cozy. Those days are now long gone.

For your info, the writer stayed in the Soho House , the group of private members’ clubs aimed primarily at those in the arts and media but in order to book a room you don’t have to be a member. In Berlin the rules might be a bit less strict than in London eg. if you know that my local hairdresser is a member. She also splurged on a spa treatment in the Hotel de Rome, part of the Rocco Forte group. Even after several taxis and clubbing, she inevitably fell short of spending her whole allotment.

So let’s give her some tips for next time. At Daphne´s, we are enamoured with “Das Stue Hotel” and its cosy bar, adjacent to the Zoo. It used to be the Danish Embassy. If money is no objection, why bother with taxis if for 400 Euros per day, you can cruise the city in a pearl black BMW 5. For a culinary experience, look no further than Borchardt near Gendarmenmarkt. It is probably Berlin´s most famous restaurant without being overly formal though.

With regards to the night life, a couple of clubs sprung up who cater for wannabes and therefore we prefer not to give recommendations. If you passed the age for the world-famous Berghain, why not skip clubbing altogether and instead settle for the Victoria Bar where the staff really merit the title of “mixologist”.

In the future, when the New York Times journalist writes another feature about Berlin, she could mention the Daphne´s escorts if she has trouble spending her money. In Berlin, contrary to the USA, except for the state of Nevada, prostitution is legal. If she were to look at Daphne´s rather as a recruitment agency or head-hunters, who knows we might get mentioned. If you are a model, people who get you assignments are not called pimps… That´s also not how we see us at Daphne´s!

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