Occasionally, clients enquire if we also offer S&M escort sessions. If the request pertains to hard-core stuff, with a chance of permanent harm and were sometimes a contract is signed between both parties, the answer is a straight no. It also doesn´t fit with our “Girlfriend Experience” philosophy. S&M is legal though in Germany. In 2004, the German Federal Court ruled that sado-masochistically motivated physical injuries are not per se indecent and punishable.

And why not, we live in a free country. Just as an aside, no one less than the Nobel Prize winner for economics Milton Friedman was against forbidding drugs and prostitution.

For softer play, we might consider the request but since we don´t want to disappoint the customer with a mediocre, amateur dominatrix and vulgar equipment, we don´t really encourage it.

Or maybe you like to walk around in Louboutin pumps and need some punishment or education. In Berlin, there is not only an agency which gives expert advice when you want to become a sex worker; there are also seminars if you prefer to become a professional dominatrix. The curriculum involves not only classical bondage, needling techniques and catheters but includes e.g. also some marketing tips.

Since the release of “Fifty shades of grey”, more and more people are interested in the subject. We got approached by someone who offered us a commission for every customer we passed on for personal coaching seminars in BDSM. He promised that he could bring clients in exclusive networks, get them in touch with people with the same inclinations etc… He mentioned as a matter of fact that he was in club which allegedly was started by no other than the Marquis de Sade in person.

I was not convinced. Maybe I made a mistake and should have insisted on attending one of his seminars and if Daphne´s clients wanted an introduction into the BDSM world, our escorts could have mentioned him.

I would like to point out that I am absolutely no expert in BDSM (a portmanteau acronym for bondage, dominance and submission, sadomasochism) but if you have a request pertaining to S&M, go ahead and ask and we will try to accommodate your request or give you a couple of addresses.

To conclude, something feminists probably won´t like to read. Most women like to be dominated in bed, even when they don´t admit it or pretend not. In a well-known Berlin brothel, the girls were grouped in three categories: devote girls, switchers or ones with dominant inclinations. No prize for who guesses which category was best represented…