In the previous blog entry I wrote about the emerging high life in the German capital. Berlin was always better known though for its low life. When I arrived, rents were cheap and living costs very affordable. Hence lots of people were able to live the good life without working too hard. One of them was Daria, who reminded me of the dancer Anita Berber but without her artistic qualities.

Anita was the bad girl of the twenties- tearing down boundaries with her androgyny and total nudity during her public appearances. Daria on the other hand, was working in a Berlin brothel when I met her. She was actually the first girl I had paid for sex in Berlin, where prostitution is kept out of the public eye except for the street-walkers around the Kurfürstenstrasse. Conservatives prefer it like that for the sake of appearances and to avoid scandal. I can’t really disagree with them.

Daria was blessed with an amazing body. After a while- I started calling her “the body” after the Australian Model “Elle Macpherson”. I thought prostitutes didn’t kiss but she made it clear she wouldn’t mind. She also confessed that her boyfriend didn’t know about her extracurricular activity since it was her little secret. She brushed it off with such detachment and lightness that made me blush. Maybe that’s why some people find women not immoral but amoral.

It wasn’t the first time that I heard that working girls choose not to tell their partner. In Amsterdam’s red-light district, every once in a while a guy is strolling along window-shopping with friends and all of a sudden his eye fall on say his fiancé.

Daria was enrolled at the University of Potsdam, where she read nutrition, but her diet consisted mainly of cocaine in abundance. Now that I remember- I had met already a girl studying at that institution who worked as a dominatrix and another one who was just enrolled there since she needed health insurance. My university wasn’t blessed with such characters like Potsdam, that’s for sure.

Daria wasn’t the most reliable worker the profession had seen. If it wasn’t the in-house parrot who bit her tit, it was her broken leg that kept her away from work. If she wasn’t late for work, she left early since she felt the end of her shift would be slow anyway. But what she lacked in work ethics, she more than compensated with her acrobatics, hyper-sexuality and beautiful pudenda. She once even complained that it was frustrating to get laid so often and hardly ever to come.

She also had the emotional maturity of an adolescent. When she told me, she would move town since she found love, I gave her a stuffed animal. I first hesitated if it was a good idea to give an adult woman a stuffed animal but she really was over the moon even though- she was already 33 years old. Her love story didn’t last forever and soon she was back on the game but not for long. Apparently, she got married to a guy she met in rehab. Daria- I wish you all the best. I will miss you!