European decadence

I personally don´t consider paid sex in the higher strata of the profession immoral. When I decided to start Daphne´s with my business partner, what bothered me more was whether it was a sign of a decadent society and if yes, if I should contribute to the further erosion of the nation´s morals. According to me, prostitution is not degenerate as long as we are not talking about Berlin during the Weimar period where underage girls and boys where bought for a pittance.

At that time, Berlin was indeed Babylon-on-the-Spree. What I found interesting is that Berliners were not only looking for sex then but that it had to be accompanied with something else. The most frequent themes were danger, power or death. Rest assured all the escorts are at least 21 years old and although they are open for a lot, they all respect their boundaries.

According to me there is no doubt that Europe is the grip of decadence with the possible exception of Germany. What about the conspicuous display of richness, raising inequality, the possibility and willingness to live off a bloated welfare state and last but not least an unhealthy obsession with sex? If that doesn´t convince you, maybe voyeuristic shows like Big Brother and Frauentausch, the adulation of cooks and stars might make you think again. Or the large scale immigration of non-western foreigners? Jeff Koons and designer clothes for dogs anyone? I might be wrong but maybe decadence is like a financial bubble. You only realize afterwards that you were in bubble territory.

A healthy libido for me is on the other hand, is a sign of vitality. Since time immemorial, powerful men have made use of concubines, mistresses and temporary lovers. Paid sex will always exist as long as people age. It´s a well-known fact that older men often prefer much younger women. Who doesn´t want to relive his youth? What it boils down to it the exchange of money against juvenescence and beauty and there will always be a market for that, not only on the demand side as some feminists would like you to believe.

Aren´t men allowed to have some fun if this keeps the marriage together and doesn´t enrich the divorce lawyers. Isn´t it beneficial for the off-spring if frequenting escorts from time to time keeps the family together? Hence my verdict that paying for companionship is actually healthy for society. I don´t want to bring up the old saw that otherwise there would be more sexual delicts but also that validates my conclusion.